February 3, 2017

I was recommended to go to SIMRIK .. by a friend.once arriving in Pokhara .Thinking it was just a hotel I walked in to be greeted by Arun Pariyar .. I was soon aware that this young mans passion and knowledge was focused on the Treks through these breath taking mountains ..and getting you out there safely and quickly. Player Flags Flutterin at Poon Hill My preparation for this trek was to say the least, minimal.Arun reassured me that I had all that I needed for this journey .We kicked over a few options based on .. health ..time .. money.. climate etc. ( he is very knowledgeable and passionate about his trails and likes to get to know his clients and their strength’s and weakness before sending you out into the tundra ! )After talking with me the Poon Hill trail came to mind with the last stop being the hot springs .Only 3,200 meters he states with a 40 / 50 km trek … easy !I was Sold !He organized my permits, sent me next door for a couple of photos.. gave me a sleeping bag … a pole.. a shopping list for things I need for the journey, organized a cab for drop off and pick up , assigned a guide to me who was to walk with me for the whole trail , his job was to look after me and get me back safely . Great organization with NO fuss .Unfortunately I became ill the morning I leftTIKA was the most patient kind, helpful man.BISTARAI (slowly ) Kim, where his words to me the whole trek .Arun received news of my sickness and called to Organize a Dr if I so needed, or a change of route, Tika had bought a first aid kit and within 3 days I was well .Every path has its challenge equally balanced with its beauty, The first two days where steps both up and down only Steps 1000 s of them all the way up and through villages and farm homes most boasting Dogs, cats, goats, buffalo, chickens, cows and horses. All roaming just as freely as you .Horse Grazing in the Jungle Tika was a perfect guide giving me respect for the way I was feeling and carrying my sleeping bag by the second day … health first KIM , where his words when I expressed to him how sorry I was for getting sick and not carrying my own Stuff . Day 3 up through a Forrest, through local mountain villages, tree roots replace the steps as a way up, down through icy narrow paths alongside frozen waterfalls, with the magnificent ‘ Fishtail ‘ mountain with its changing hues of colour from every place you stopped to rest just making you sit and be content . Feiry Clouds over the annapurnasDay 4 was by far my favorite ( probably due to my fever breaking) the route down took us across narrow suspension wire bridges spanning huge boulders and aqua ice blue mountain rivers up through the jungle and down into the riverside Hot Springs .. where for a 100nr you can bathe and relax for as long as your heart desires .A local passing by the bridge We were greeted by Arun and his team with warm hugs and hot tea .. after a short catch up I was provided with a large cosy room and hot shower . The only regret was that I did not sign up for a longer trek .I only touched the surface of this amazing country, I feel very fortunate that Freedom Adventures was recommended to me, a fantastic team of people working together happily , making in turn others happy .I can only wish to Trek again in these beautiful unspoiled mountains and would highly recommend this company .Thank you Freedom Adventures.. Visited 2017 View in Tripadvisor