This adventure can be broken down into 4 parts

Mountain Route Day 4-7
Rara Lake Days 8-13
Karnali River Days 14-21
Bardia and Terai region Days 21-26

Free day in KTM meet the team and be introduced to your partner for the trip, Enfield Classic 500. You will meet your Road captain who will be guiding for the trip and a full brief will be given of the adventure that awaits you. The rest of the day you will be free to explore the delights of Kathmandu until we reunite in the evening for a welcome dinner.

Early start and taking an easy ride to Pokhara 200km, we will arrive for lunch and to unwind, a free afternoon to relax.

After breakfast the morning will be spent on the lake practicing paddle and rescue techniques with your river guide. After this we will met again for an evening meal and a talk for what’s to come.

Once we have left Pokhara, we will be heading towards the mountains on roads less travelled, where tourist never go, only used by local residents in each vicinity much of this route is off road and will encounter many different terrains and altitudes. Some of it straight forwards some of it challenging.

Day 4 – Pokhara to Burtibang(1337m) – 8 hrs 154km
Day 5 – Burtibong to Rukumkot(1890m) – 5 hrs 84km
Day 6 – Rukumkot to Chaurijahari(750m) – 6 hrs 90km
Day 7 – Chaurighari to Birendranagar(764m) – 6 hrs

Travelling through the most stunning mountain ranges, taking you ever upwards to Rara Lake so named after the royal dynasty of Nepal. The Lake is at an elevation of 2990m, the highest fresh water lake in Nepal and rarely visited by people from outside the country due to its location.

Vehicles are not allowed in the park so a small amount of hiking (2 hours max) is necessary to visit this exclusive lake and for the night’s accommodation. While we trek gently around the lake, our bikes will be kept safely outside the park and our bags will be taken by horse to our destination, with the option to choose to go by horse instead of trekking.

Once saying goodbye to this beautiful lake we make our way back down, heading for the Karnali to change our bikes for rafts. On Day 9 We will be in birat, so we can enjoy the trip to Rara at a more leisurely pace, it’s a small place and local accommodation a real taste of Nepal with fantastic views.

Day 8 – Surket to Manma(2033m) – 7 hrs 160km
Day 9 – Manma to Birat(2500m) – 5 hrs 89km
Day 10 – Birat to Rara trek (2990m) to lodge – 3 hrs riding & 2 hrs treking
Day 11 – Rara to Birat (2500m) – 2 hrs trekking & 3 hrs riding
Day 12 – Birat to Manma – 5 hrs 89km
Day 13 – Manma to Surket – 7 hrs 160km

The mighty Karnali, we will say goodbye to our 2 wheeled friends for the next 8 days and hello to the next part of our adventure. Nepal has some of the finest rafting and kayaking rivers in the world. Taking you on the river less travelled. Our motorbikes will be transported by truck to our next riding destination to Geruwa island.

The Karnali Nepal’s biggest and longest river will carry us for 8 days camping on the banks in the untamed jungle taking a rest day to kick back, relax, soaking up the magnificent environment. Led by an expert team of river rafters and kayakers, home grown but with international experience as well as decades of perfecting their skills. To prepare you for the river we have arranged a training morning in Pokhara to practice paddle techniques, rescue procedures and most importantly to meet your river crew.

Leaving behind mountain passes the expedition has taken you through serene landscapes of unequalled beauty passing through remote villages to the wild jungle of Nepal, taking us nicely down to Bardia and the Teria region of Nepal for the next instalment of this amazing adventure onto the flat straight roads of the Terai with its own special beauty. These last days are at a slower more relaxed pace.

Bardia National Park the park less travelled. Set out in the far west Terai region nicely joining the Karnali. We finish rafting at Chisapani and start again at Chisopani taking a boat to the biggest island on the Karnali to experience a homestay with local Tharu villages experiencing their way of life. Once we arrive on the island of Geruwa Island, we are transported to our homestay by bullock cart. A lazy afternoon absorbing the culture and traditions of the Tharu people, with their warm welcome combined with their hospitable.

After a leisurely breakfast, the following day, we travel towards our lodge for the night in Bardia to enjoy some jungle activities in the afternoon and again in the morning led by our jungle guide Rajan before hitting the road again. Rajan has been working in the Jungle for decades is is a great conservationist and project leader and will be giving us some great talks.

We head towards Lumbini the birth place of Buddha to visit the Buddhist temples from around the world. If time permits we will also be visiting CG Hindu temple before our last road trip stop at a homestay in Chitwan. The final section of road is back through mountain passes to Kathmandu to finish where it all started. We have our final night together before going our separate ways.

This adventure will leave an everlasting impression experiencing many things that most people don’t get to do. After the morning of jungle activities, we head out of the park towards our next destination Day 24

Before leaving, Lumbini the birth place of Buddha, we will stop here and explore this historical site for a while before moving to Chitwan for our night accommodation in home stay

Day 21 – Karnali to Janaknagar Tharu village – boat 45mins bullock cart 1hr 7km
Day 22 – Janaknaga to Bardia National park – 1.5 hrs 60km
Day 23 – Bardia to Lumbini – 5 hrs 272 k
Day 24 – Lumbini to Chitwan – 3.5 hrs 137k
Day 25 – Chitwan to Kathmandu – 6 hrs 161k
Day 26 – Kathmandu tour ends

Royal Enfield 500c
For decades Royal Enfields have long since been an all-time favourite and classic in Asia. There is something very special about these machines and the pleasure of hearing the thud of the engine while cruising around the mountains of Nepal is something to be experienced. These beautiful mountain passes will make your heart soar

Riding experience
Experience moderate to difficult off-road riding, experience is needed, you will be riding over footbridges through rivers and narrow mountain passes mainly on sand, gravel and potholes. Quite often, over landslides from the previous monsoon season.

We care so much for the environment that we live in as you do to. We will be planting trees to off-set our CO2 emissions. Not only this, they will be planted in a much needed area to generate new forests to encourage the growth of its wildlife and to prevent flooding in this very flat Terai region Being environmentally conscious tree planting and conservation projects were an important aspect of the tours.