Established in 2000, Freedom Adventures is a locally based company in Nepal with highly trained staff members in both mountaineering and adventure sports while promoting sustainable tourism.

We at Freedom Adventures are a dedicated team of guiding professionals who believe in excellent logistical preparation; keeping in mind the needs of our clients, the available local resource and most importantly our passion for the environment we work in.

Our treks and adventure trips are operated with highly trained mountain guides (both male and female) as well as adventure sports specialists. This offers our visitors thrilling adventures that are eco-friendly with quality service and safety given utmost priority.

Our aim is to offer expeditions, treks, mountain biking, wilderness journeys and volunteering opportunities in the Himalayas that guarantee personalized service to each client as per their interest. Because we believe in sustainable tourism, we offer our visitor environmentally sensitive travel. As a part of our commitment to sustainable practices we have established ‘The Eagle’s Nest Environment Centre where we conduct a variety of community-based projects.

Freedom Adventures is always looking out for new unexplored destinations which will not only offer an adventurous journey for clients but also will help the growth of a local economy.

Since we are a locally based company, travelling with us creates opportunities for genuine cultural exchange and deeper understanding. The mountains are our homes and being able to share the experience with fellow climbers and trekkers gives us immense joy.

Whether you are just foraying into the boundaries of the great outdoors or are an experienced adventurer, we believe, you will find the quality service offered at Freedom Adventures will more than meet your expectations.

Message from the Managing Director:

My name is Jagan Nath Timilsina. I was born in a village called Sarangkot near the lakeside city of Pokhara, the most famous tourist destination in Nepal. I was brought up with six sisters and one brother in a simple farming family. I studied up to the primary level at my village government school while helping my parents on the farm before and after school. There was no school in our village for further study, so I had to walk for 2 hours in the morning to go to school in Pokhara and another 2 hrs to return home in the evening. Life was very hard while growing up. We had a big family so it was very difficult for my parents to fulfil even our basic needs.

In 1998, the government celebrated ‘Visit Nepal Year’. There was a big movement of tourists to Nepal, especially Pokhara. Because of my family problems I could not continue my study. To help support my family I started working as a freelance trekking porter and did that for the next four years. During that time the political situation was unstable due to the Civil War, so it was difficult to find enough work. In 2002, I joined Himalayan Encounters, a world renowned trekking company and worked with them as a guide cum porter for the next couple of years. During that time, I learned a lot more about tourism and got the required training which helped me get my guide license. As a Himalayan Encounter’s representative, I started leading groups for different overseas companies like Intrepid, The Adventure Company and Discovery Adventure etc.

Slowly, I started enjoying my work and adventure became my passion. When I used to take groups to the mountains, I would often dream of scaling a high mountain. Finally, I made up my mind to climb them and managed to get mountaineering training which is quite expensive in Nepal. Since 2009, I have climbed 14 snow peaks including Mt Everest. Besides climbing mountains, I am also involved in cycling, rafting, kayaking, cannoning, rock climbing, and paragliding. After gaining experience of all these adventures activities, I have now gotten the chance to work as an instructor for outdoor adventures. I have visited Tibet, India, and Bhutan for trekking and climbing. I have also been involved in European trekking when I trekked the Alps of Germany and Austria. I also got an opportunity to climb Ben Nevis, Scotland.

During the time I was training to climb mountains, I got married. I am now blessed with two lovely children – a son and a daughter. Now, one of the main goals in my life is to provide for my two children, to give them a better lifestyle, and better education. I also want to give back to the industry that has given me all these wonderful opportunities. I wanted to contribute to the tourism industry by establishing my own adventure company.( and with the help of my older brother was able to do so).

I am driven to seek out new adventures in previously unexplored regions of Nepal. In this way, adventurous tourists get to experience unknown parts of Nepal and the local people can benefit from the tourism flow to their region, helping the growth of the local economy.