March 13, 2017

This being my first solo trip all of a sudden without planning , I thought I’d be roaming around Nepal like a lost puppy. But on the contrary, it just felt like a perfectly planned trek once after meeting them.The Freedom Explorers..there can’t be any other apt name for this bunch of supercool people that im grateful to have met and all thanks to them for not making me the “lost puppy”..Jagan sir, Ajay sir and their entire crew.. if not for them I wouldn’t have fallen in love with this place as I’ve now.. Ever heard about the Red Everest and night glowing Everest ? Me too.. I haven’t heard about it until they told me about it.. Magical sight that can be seen just in a particular time in certain conditions.. I’ve always heard what calm minds can do to us..But I’ve felt it for the first time.. Kiran Madhav Photo This was just possible because I was lucky enough to meet this reliable, professional , hard working and team having clear understanding of the industry and a passion to be the best by delivering outstanding trekking services.   Kiran Madhav PhotosThanks team FREEDOM EXPLORERS hoping to meet you guys for the next trek .✌ View in Tripadvisor