May 7, 2019

I was walking through Lakeside Pokhara going into each trekking guide shop I saw and talking with each business about the hike, distances, altitudes and timings. Most of the places i walked into greeted me with a vacant hello and an extremely basic conversation about what the hike entails without much detail. Walking past Freedom i decided on a whim to head in and talk to the staff, although I suspected it might be out of my price range due to how nice and spacious the office was (it fitted into my budget very nicely in the end).

I got chatting to Ajay and instantly I knew this guy knew what he was talking about. He wanted to know exactly what my capabilities and experience were so he could accurately pair me with a guide that would be a good match. Later I talked with Arun for my pre-departure meetings where we organised all the fine details of the trip and got the itinerary together with my guide. This is precisely what I wanted – people who were organised, professional and just good conversation.

My guide Basanta was not only a true gentleman but also now a good friend. We hiked together, we talked about our cultures and most importantly we looked out for each other in the mountains. I thank freedom for pairing me with a great man and I thank Basanta for being himself. If I return to Nepal he will be one of the first people I aim to see.

Before this review waffles on too much I’d just like to suggest to any potential hikers out there to just walk into Freedom Adventures, have a chat and talk about what you’re plans are – they’re not high-pressure salesmen. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with a truly sincere and ethical company to provide an intensely memorable experience.

Thanks guys,

Reviewed May 24, 2017
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