May 12, 2017

In December 2016, my partner and I completed the Annapurna Circuit through a booking with Freedom Adventures. While it has been many months since our initial trek, I am writing this review now as our time in Nepal has almost come to an end and that I share with the rest of the world how coming across this company was in, a lot of ways, a highlight of our time in Nepal.

Upon planning for our first trek in the Himalayas, we were both nervous and excited to embark into the unknown. Due to the unpredictable weather conditions in December (it had not yet snowed), we especially worried about our safety as we had never done intensive trekking like this before. Enter Arun at Freedom Adventures – he was professional, kind, genuine and most of all NOT pushy as most sales people are when commission is on the line. He set us up with a wonderful guide and we had an incredibly safe and enjoyable experience trekking for 19 days. Funny note: even as we approached the final pass, Arun would send me text messages to update me on the weather conditions as he was aware that this was something that we (my partner) were stressing about 🙂 This is customer service that goes ABOVE and BEYOND the norm.

At the end of our trip – when our time with our guide had come to an end – we came across an unexpected issue at the check point where we were not able to pass without renewing our passport. Not thinking twice about it, we contacted Arun who ended up speaking with the officer in Nepali and sorted out the entire situation for us. Although we had to pay to renew our trekking permits, upon arriving back in Pokhara, Arun KINDLY apologized for the inconvenience and provided us a refund for the fees paid. This – in a lot of ways – is a testament to how awesome these guys were both in the office and during the trip to ensure we were having the best trip with the least problems arising.

In more ways than I can count, when you are signing up for a trip through Freedom Adventures, you are not dealing with just a travel company. Even 6 months after our trek, Arun, Arjun, Abu and Jagan still enthusiastically answer our phone calls and help us find answers to any trip-related questions that we have. They are extremely knowledge about not only the trips that they sell, but Nepal in general.

If you are in Nepal for the first time ESPECIALLY and you find yourself in Lakeside, do yourself a favour and walk into their office for even a chat. You’ll find yourself caught up in a conversation with Arun about muffins (and life in general) and Arjun about adventure travel and Jagan about all his CRAZY OVER THE TOP adventures. Couldn’t recommend Freedom Adventures more than I do – they have been and alway will be my go-to for all travel – especially adventure – in Nepal.

Thanks for everything guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

Visited November 2016